Turnout Care


To wash your turnout yourself, you should first gently brush off any excess dirt and mud from the outside. Once dry, gently hose off your turnout, and use a wash that is specifically formulated to clean horse turnouts without damaging the fabric or waterproof coatings, preferably a natural or non-biological substance. Strong or biological detergents can cause damage to the waterproof coating.

We do not recommend washing your turnout with a power washer, as the pressure from the washer can possibly damage the waterproof layer on the turnout. Washing should be done on a Cool Wash not to exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

If you have any small tears or nicks to repair, we recommend using our Rambo® Turnout repair kit or our Rambo® Stormsure glue, which effectively seals and waterproofs any small damage to your turnout. 

Once your turnout is thoroughly washed hang to drip dry, fold neatly into a breathable storage bag. DO NOT Dry Clean. DO NOT Tumble dry with heat. Store in a cool, dry area away from any moisture or damp areas, while also avoiding excessive heat. The bags our Horseware®Turnouts are packaged in are a perfect bag to re-use for turnout storage.