We have such faith in our Aquatrans technology that we are prepared to guarantee that your rug will remain waterproof and breathable for a minimum of 3 years. The unique number of your Rambo ® MUST be included on the form to be eligible for the guarantee. This number is found on the inside of the front of the rug.

This guarantee applies to the following Horseware products: Rambo® Optimo Turnout, Rambo® Duo Turnout, Rambo® Bundle Duo Turnout, Rambo® Tech Duo Turnout, Rambo® Supreme Turnout, Rambo® Supreme with Vari-Layer Turnout, Rambo® All in One Turnout, Rambo® Wug Turnout, Rambo® Wug with Vari-Layer Turnout, Rambo®Original Turnout, Rambo® Original with leg arches Turnout

The guarantee card must be completed and returned within 90 days of purchase or registered online at within 90 days of purchase date. The guarantee card must be dated, signed and stamped by the retail outlet from which the blanket was purchased, and the unique ID number of your Rambo® Turnout included on the form to be eligible for the guarantee. If you purchased your blanket from a mail order company, please attach a copy of the dated receipt to the guarantee card or upload a photo of the receipt while registering online at The receipt MUST give details of the Rambo® Turnout purchased. If you do not register the blanket within 90 days of purchase the warranty will be void (effective for all blankets bought from August 2018).


Additional Information

Your Rambo® Turnouts must be washed according to the manufacturers instructions, failure to do so will damage the waterproof coating of your turnout and this will be easily detected in subsequent tests. Reproofing your Rambo® turnout in its first 3 year of use will invalidate your warranty. The blanket must also be stored correctly and protected from prolonged UV exposure, and extreme temperatures, during storage